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Latest Steel Panther tour was a huge success

Steel Panther rocked the UK again on their latest tour titled “All You Can Eat”. They announced it late last year and the tour sold out almost immediately. They even had to schedule a second show in Manchester. Steel Panther is…

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Chirstmas Pose

Christmas songs at the ready! Steel Panther have a new tune to add to your Christmas playlist. 'The Stocking Song' isn't your usual festive tune, but it will certainly hit your stocking g-spot!

Back in 2009 they gave us 'Sexy Santa' which was a lot heavier than 'The…

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Steel Panther are coming back to the UK in 2015

Steel Panther rocked the Donnington stage at this year's Download Festival and are on their way to rock more festivals around Europe, but, for us UK fans they have…

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