Steel Panther Rocks The UK Again On Latest Tour

Latest Steel Panther tour was a huge success

Steel Panther rocked the UK again on their latest tour titled “All You Can Eat”. They announced it late last year and the tour sold out almost immediately. They even had to schedule a second show in Manchester. Steel Panther is a rare find. They have already placed their marker on the music world and are counted among some of the biggest bands in history. They have enjoyed tours with bands like Def Leppard, Motley Crue and Judas Priest.

The loyalty of the bands UK fan base can’t be disputed since all 7 scheduled performances of the tour sold out rapidly. The performances were held in Manchester, Glasgow, Newcastle, Wolverhamton, Leicester and London. The band has reached the same level of fame and stature held by those that they mock on stage. Their performances are outstanding and their tour to the UK was a wide success. The bands attention to detail is fantastic. The spandex, bandanas, and hardcore wind-machines all set the stage for a fabulous performance when the band got up to play. 

The stadiums were sweaty and sex was definitely in the air. From the leopard printed spandex suits to the women trying to get on stage and flash the world, the sexual tension was definitely high. The Pink Panther’s satire might have tunnel vision but Steel Panther keep it up all night. 

All of the venues were crowded with loyal fans singing along to their favorite songs. It was loud, it was fun, and it was crazy. Steel Panthers biggest London tour yet has turned out to be a great success and the fans already want more. Some of the fan favorite songs performed were “Death To All But Metal,” “Pussywhipped,” and “Party Like Tomorrow Is the End of The World”. All the songs on the set list were from Steel Panther's 3 awesome albums and not one cover song in sight.

The tour is now over and fans are already looking to the future. Steel Panther are not going away any time soon and they will likely return to London to perform again for their loyal fans. It’ll be a while before London is graced with the sweat lined spandex suits and bandanas blowing in the wind again. One thing is for certain though and that is that this time around, the fans really did get all they could eat.