Steel Panther

The metal based band weren't always known as Steel Panther and it took performing under a few other names to reach the rock and roll name they now go by. Stints as 'Metal school' and 'Metal shop' occurred before the band settled on 'Steel Panther', a name which they found worked for them.

Steel Panther are not to be taken entirely seriously and have been dubbed a 'comical glam metal' band. Made up of four members known as Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexi Foxx and Stix Zadinia.

Michael Starr

Michael Starr from Steel Panther

Michael Starr is the front man of the group taking the role of lead vocalist. He was an early starter when it came to music, singing in kindergarden taking part in school plays.


Satchel from Steel Panther

Satchel takes the role of lead guitarist in Steel Panther. Originally from Redwood city in California, claims to be from a family of performers, his guitar skills are epic.

Stix Zadinia

Stix Zadinia from Steel Panther

Stix as I'm sure you've worked out, is the drummer for Steel Panther. He is heavily tattooed and claims he doesn't 'tap' the drums, nor does he merely 'hit' and that in reality nobody plays the drums harder than he does.

Lexxi Foxx

Lexxi Foxx from Steel Panther

Lexxi Foxx is the basest of the group. he loves pink and purple, he is famous for his 'hair flip' and 'hair solo', has the longest hair out of the quartet and frequently offers up hair maintenance advice

Musical History

The band formed in the early 2000's and first became popular known as 'Metal Skool'. They started off playing covers of popular 1980's rock songs and their style and appearance reflected this perfectly. In 2003 the band released their debut album which they produced themselves and finally found they were starting to get noticed for what they do best.

In 2009 they released their debut album under the name Steel Panther which Kerrang magazine labelled as 'close to perfect'. With an amazing comment like that from the worlds most renowned rock music magazine it looked as if big things were to come for Steel Panther and that they had finally found their niche as a group.

During their years together the band have released three albums to date. Unsurprisingly all with unusual but not dissimilar names.

Feel the Steel was the first of their albums to be released under their new name in 2009, prior to this they released 'Hole Patrol' under their first names 'Metal Skool' and 'Metal Shop' in 2003.

Feel the Steel included some re-recordings of songs from their previous album including 'fat girl' and 'stripper girl'. The immediate response to the album was mixed and was described as ' an utter feel good masterpiece' with others saying that their ability to create songs that sound like they are from the 80's was commendable. Unique in it's own rights Steel Panther had well and truly made their style and statement clear.

Balls Out is the last of their albums to be released up to present day, which came out in 2011. By now Steel Panther had really made a name for themselves and the album was highly successful. In the first week of the release 12,000 copies were sold in the United States and it reached position 40 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

The album was descried as '14 bundles of fun' by critiques but it also received a slightly frosty review that stated 'you're either going to get it or you're not'. Singles released included 'If you really, really love me' and '17 girls in a row'. Guest appearances were also featured on the album on songs 'It won't suck it's self' and 'In the future'.

Well the band are well and truly still together and still producing their quirky music, with a later 2013 / early 2014 album set to be released soon by Universal Records. I can only imagine this album will be as colourful and controversial as 'Balls Out' and 'Feel the Steel' and if anything I'm expecting it to be even more outrageous (in a good way).