11 Year Old Challenges Satchel

Aidan Fisher is in no way your typical 11-year-old. The youngster is quite the guitar player as Satchel from Steel Panther found out. On December 19, 2013, Aidan challenged Satchel to a shred-off contest in Kansas during Steel Panthers performance at the Midland Theater. Aidan managed to wow the audience with his guitar abilities; most people at the concert argue that the 11-year-old actually stole the show.

The way things unfolded was Aidan, who was in the audience, held up a sign officially challenging Satchel,  the the lead guitarist of the Steel Panther to a shredding contest. The band was kind enough to let the boy up on stage. Aidan played the songs Eruption and You Really Got Me, of which he did an awesome job.

Most people would argue what kind of parent would bring their 11-year-old boy to a Steel Panthers concert; Aidan says the best kind of parents. While sitting on stage in the Midland Theater, Aidan took Satchels actual guitar and shredded circles around the bands lead guitarist.

After the performance, some of the most prominent media houses stated that Aidan was a much better player than even most adult or professional guitar players. After his performance, Aidan said that it was an amazing day for him and he would continue to rock on. Since that day, Aidan has become a guitar sensation among most social media networks and among a huge number of rock lovers.